I, the mother of Diana T. Turned to Kazmerchuk V.E. to help heal my daughter. We came from Ivano-Frankivsk where we were treated for one year. They did not give us a precise diagnosis there, and they did not provide meaningful treatment there. Vera Evstafievna examined us for a long time and found Trichinella in my child. 3 months of treatment and I saw my baby healthy and blooming. Thank you! To you, Vera E., for helping us and giving us hope for recovery.
November 27, 2013

I am Marina D., came to Professor Kazmerchuk V.E. in the direction of the attending physician. Having undergone a course of treatment for all kinds of illnesses (which turned out to be a consequence of problems with the immune system) for 3 months, I could not establish a diagnosis and only Vera E. was able to help me.
Thank you so much!
God grant you good health!

Alina D.
She was treated for vasculitis in one of the hospitals in Kyiv. There was no result, so she appealed to Kazmarchuk Vera Eustafiivna. After 5 months of treatment, I have prolonged remission.
Very grateful!

Vasyl M. I was born in 1971, I was ill with multiple encephalomyelitis in 2002 in Snyatyn, Ivano-Frankivsk region, and in Ivano-Frankivsk the results of treatment were disappointing, there were frequent seizures, it was possible to stop the seizure only. When acquaintances advised me to contact Kazmarchuk Vera Eustafiyevna, I hesitated, but when I was examined and I was assigned an immunoglobulin, the result was tangible already the next day. After the course of immunoglobulin remission 2 years. I thank you very much for what you do for all who need your help.
Sincerely grateful.

I, Tatiana Ch., For 3 years went to the doctor with my son a teenager who was very ill. And Kazmirchuk V.E. cured him. I ask to support her in her case. This is a very good doctor.

I, Oksana F., a doctor-therapist, with my son addressed for two years to different doctors, but no one could help, all were given only symptomatic treatment. Only Kazmirchuk V.E. was able to find the cause of a long illness and help the child. Huge thanks. Health, good luck, government assistance and sponsors.

I see myself in Kazmirchuk V.E. since 2015. He came with a diagnosis of multiple encephalomyelitis, paraparesis of extremities with manifestations of Jacksonian epilepsy. Three months later, remission occurred. I will rehab every two years.
Vasily Sniatyn. I express my sincere thanks to Kazmirchuk VE

It is with gratitude and great respect that I would like to point out that thanks to Kazmarchuk’s treatment of Vera Evstafyevna my son, Vladislav K., born in 1997. cured of immunodeficiency and recurrent bronchitis.

I, Olena Sh., Express my deep gratitude to Doctor Kazmarchuk Viri Eustafiivna for treating my baby. Diagnosis: Epstein-Barr virus. Only through high professionalism are we able to live, learn and simply enjoy life
town of Korosten.

I, Alevtina T., addressed Vera Evstafyevna in February 2019. For over 10 years, I was disturbed by a cough and a sore throat that did not allow me to live a full life. In the course of 10 years of searching for the cause in different doctors, no one could make a correct diagnosis. And after the appeal to Kazmirchuk V.E. happened – a miracle, after one course of treatment I regained my health. Many thanks to Kazmirchuk VE, for the correct diagnosis and for having cured me.